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  • Bergmann Portable Compactors

    Bergmann are the leading manufacturer of roll-on-off (ro-ro) and skip (chain-lift) compactors in Europe. The revolutionary 'throw-over blade' design eliminates the worst part of traditional compactor maintenance: the need to clean out the area behind the ram blade. By locating the cylinders in the side of the compactor, there's no need for the space behind the ram blade, so no cleaning hatch and cylinders never come into contact with the waste, reducing maintenance and increasing the lifespan.

    Compare these two pictures of waste building up in a traditional compactor with cross-shaped rams and the design of a Bergmann compactor. The 'throw-over-blade' concept allows continuous feeding as waste is scraped from the hopper and thrown in front of the blade to push into the container. In a traditional compactor, unless you clean out the waste caught behind the blade, it builds up, jamming the cylinders and with wet waste, destroying the cylinder seals.

    Why Bergmann compactors are superior to traditional compactors
    Traditional compactors have a space behind the press plate which clogs up with material over time. It has to be regularly cleaned out or the cylinders jam or the seals corrode, especially with wet waste. Bergmann compactors have cylinders in the side, separate from the waste and no chamber behind the press plate.


    Bergmann MPB907 Portable Compactor
    Bergmann MPB907 SN20, 20 cubic metre portable compactor for general and wet waste

    Bergmann MPB907 - roro

    This is the specialist roll-on-off compactor for wet and general waste, available in capacities from 14 to 20m³ for the UK market.




    MPB907 SN20 'China Box' - low-height model
    Bergmann MPB907 'China Box' low height portable compactor: overall height is reduced to 2250mm

    Bergmann MPB907 - 'China Box' - roro

    The 'China Box' is a low-height version of the MPB907 with a height of 2250mm instead of the standard 2610mm. It's called 'China Box' because it was designed to fit inside a shipping container with a maximum height of 2350mm.




    Bergmann APB606 Portable Compactor for Dry Mixed Recyclables
    Bergmann APB606 and 607 have the largest feed aperture of any portable compactor in the UK. APB606 has the 'pendulum roof' an inset roof which swings down to aid the discharge of compacted materials, in particular cardboard

    Bergmann APB606 - roro

    The APB606 is a specialist compactor for dry recyclables and has a unique 'pendulum roof' which swings down when the compactor is discharged to ensure that recyclables, in particular cardboard do not stick in the container.




    Bergmann APB607 Portable Compactor for Dry Mixed Recyclables and General Waste
    Bergmann APB607 Portable Compactor for Dry Mixed Recyclables. Split-lid version on a local authority site

    Bergmann APB607 - roro

    The APB607 is the dry mixed recyclables (DMR) roll-on-off compactor. It has the largest loading aperture of any compactor available in the UK.




    Bergmann MPB405 SN10 hooklift compactor
    MPB405 SN10 with a hooklift frame: 10 cubic metre (14 yard) ro-ro compactor

    Bergmann MPB405 - roro

    The MPB405 with roll-on-off frame is a roro version of the MPB405 skip compactor. Capacities range from 8m³ to 12m³








    Bergmann MPB 405 SN10 Portable Skip Compactor
    Bergmann MPB405 SN10: 10 cubic metre (14 cubic yard) portable skip compactor for general and wet waste.

    Bergmann MPB405 - skiplift

    The standard wet and general waste skiplift compactor in capacities from 8m³ to 12m³





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