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  • Bergmann Static Roll Packer gives unrivalled compaction in open containers

    Bergmann Static Roll Packer RP7700
    Bergmann Static Roll Packer RP7700

    The Bergmann Static Roll Packer (RP7700) or rollpacker will increase weights in open containers from around 2 tonnes to 10 tonnes, reducing the transport element of waste disposal costs by 80%. The Static Roll Packer, or rollpacker from Bergmann Direct, the main dealer in the UK, first designed by Heinz Bergmann over 30 years ago, is still the leading product of its type on the market. It compacts waste into 35 yd³ and up to 50 yd³ open containers, with compaction ratios between 3:1 and 7:1 depending on the type of waste.

    Look at this example: A typical 35 yard container will contain 2 tonnes of wood waste costing £150 transport and about £50 a tonne disposal. Collected twice a week the annual cost is £26,000 With static roll packers producing containers averaging 8 tonnes per collection the annual cost would be just £13,520 that's a saving of over £12,480 a year.

    This short 4 minute video will show you the Bergmann Static Roll Packer in action:


    Bergmann Static Roll Packer  - the perfect solution to wood waste in open containers
    Bergmann Static Roll Packer crushing wood waste in a 35 yard container: before and after.

    Aggressive drum breaks up and compacts the waste to maximize tonnages

    The spiked drum which weighs 1.5 tonnes breaks down the waste to make full use of the space in the container so you are not paying to transport air. Different drums are available depending on the waste to be compacted. The rollpacker is able to deal with almost every type of bulky waste, from wood to washing machines.There is a variable cycle time option so you can let the machine do all the work while you are off working on something else.

    Types of waste

    • General waste
    • Wood
    • Pallets
    • Green waste
    • Hard plastics (ABS, WEEE plastics)
    • Metal (eg: white goods)


    Typical Users

    • Manufacturers (pallet and packing case waste)
    • Waste contractors (managing HWRC sites)
    • Local Authorities
    • Storage and Distribution companies (pallet waste)
    • Building renovation and demolition companies (window frames and doors)
    • Printers
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