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Dewatering Screw-Auger Press


Dewatering PET bottles, depack food packaging and reduce liquid content of wet waste residues using a dewatering screw-auger press.

PET Bottles: full or empty PET bottles with residue are deformed and liquid drained into a vat. The PET is 20-25% of its original volume and can be bales or conveyed into a container for onward transport to a recycler in higher tonnages. (See second from top picture right.)


Food Depacking: production rejects can be separated from their packaging and the plastic, PET or Tetrapak recovered for baling, washing or onward transport to a recycler. (See third from top picture right.)

Wet Waste Residue: the dewatering screw-auger will reduce liquid contents by up to 90% depending on the material. (See top right picture.)


Dewatering Auger Type SEW11 SEW15 SEW-L
Length (without hopper) mm 2735 2735 2400
Width (without hopper) mm 1675 1675 750
Height (without hopper) mm 1445 1445 1325
Throughput m3/h 4.5 6 6
Auger speed rpm 12 15 20
Residual moisture % 10-30 10-30 40-50
Weight kg 1800 1900 1000
Motor rating kW 11 15 4
Electrical A 35 50 16







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