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Polystyrene EPS Styrofoam Compactors

Polystyrene EPS Styrofoam Compactors: Bergmann Direct can reduce your polystyrene waste disposal costs drastically.


Polystyrene, Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) or Styrofoam is 98% air.

How Much Are You Paying To Transport It To Landfill?

If you are spending more than £75 a week disposing of EPS polystyrene waste then it will pay you to have a polystyrene compactor. If you are loading up a van and taking your polystyrene to landfill think what else you could do with your time!

It quickly fills skips and bins taking up large amounts of space but weighing almost nothing: pushing up waste disposal costs. Just think: you are paying your waste contractor to transport 98% air to landfill.

It is a huge problem for organisations in the food industry (hotels, restaurants, fast

 food), or buyers of supplies packaged in polystyrene (fisheries, hospitals, electronicsindustry,cruise companies, white goods suppliers)

And yet polystyrene has a high price as a recycled product, up to £450 a tonne when compacted. Bergmann Direct will buy your compacted polystyrene.

Bergmann Direct offer 4 EPS machines with varying output offerings, dependant on your needs.


Smaller Machines - 15-45kg per hour (1.5 to 4.5 cubic metres of loose material) 

Choose the SP130 (15-25kg per hour) or the SP200 (25-45kg per hour). These machines arevery simple and manually operated. The compaction screw breaks up larger pieces and compacts the material by forcing it through the manually-controlled output channel. The material is 13cm x 13cm or 20cm x 20cm in cross section.


These units are designed for smaller operations which have between 2 and 6 wheelie bins of EPS a week.

The blocks of EPS should be broken off and stacked on a pallet and shrunk-wrapped for stability. Bergmann Direct will buy these stacked pallets off you so you can earn money on your EPS instead of paying to have is taken away.

Larger Machines - 65-250kg per hour (6.5 to 25 cubic metres of loose material)

The CP250 and CP370 have hydraulically-operated density control: as the compacted material is forced through the output channel, the pressure is regulated hydraulically to ensure consistent density. 

These models have a pre-crush unit in the hopper which automatically breaks up larger pieces so you don't have to break them up by hand. 

Bergmann Direct will buy your compacted EPS at highly competitive rates. We export the material to polystyrene packaging manufacturers and companies which turn the compacted EPS into hard plastics like door and window frames.  


  • up to 50:1 compaction 
  • 98% reduction in volume
  • Density 300kg per m3 once compacted (from 10kg per m3)
  • Huge reduction in waste disposal costs
  • Easily loaded by hand or via conveyor for larger installations
  • Variable block sizes depending on machine

Interested in this machine? then choose one of the four purchase options to suit your organisation

Outright purchase

You own the machinery and can write the capital cost to suit your organisation.


Lease equipment typically over 2 to 6 years but te term can be longer. Most people choose this option.


Short term rental reduces your long term commitment.


We will buy back your old equipment for refurbishment in exchange for new and refurbished equipment.

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