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Supplying waste handling equipment & services
to private companies & public sector organisations

Bergmann Direct have 25 years’ experience supplying high quality waste compactors to local authorities, the NHS, waste contractors, commercial businesses, waste management companies, hotels, retailers, schools and facilities managers. Our equipment is designed to get maximum weights in the smallest volume to reduce collections, save money on disposal and reduce the carbon footprint.

Bergmann invented the Roll Packer, a revolutionary design for compacting bulky waste in open containers. Bergmann are also a major European manufacturer of portable compactors and are the market-leader in wet waste and dry recyclable compactors delivering high tonnages efficiently.

Rotary bag and bin compactors were pioneered by Bergmann: waste is crushed into a bag or a bin using a rotating drum with compaction ratios of up to 10:1. Ideal where there is little room for large waste equipment or wheelie bins.

Static and traversing waste compactors compact into a container which is exchanged for a new empty one when full. Bergmann Direct make a full range of bespoke units designed for your site, the volume of waste and your preferred method of filling it, whether by hand, with a wheelie bin lifter (240L up to 1100L), chute fed or from a dock or platform.

Auger screw compactors use a conical screw instead of a flat press plate to break up the material. Auger compactors increase weights of dry recyclables by up to 50% in the container without destroying the material, reducing collection costs substantially.

Polystyrene is a nuisance waste stream but compacted polystyrene (also called EPS) can be sold for high value (£200-£400 per tonne) depending on volume and quality. Bergmann Direct supply three models of EPS compactors with different throughputs which can turn EPS polystyrene waste into a healthy revenue stream.

Empty oil drums and cans can be crushed effectively with our standard and explosion-proof drum crushers, so you can get maximum tonnages in a skip. And our range of under the counter and high-volume bottle and glass crushers will reduce the number of wheelie bins you need and save you a fortune.

Our briquette presses turn sawdust and chippings from wood waste into briquettes to burn in your kiln, sell to recyclers or reduce volume and disposal. They also work with aluminium and metal swarf to produce valuable briquettes for recyclers.

We supply the compactor bags for your Bergmann rotary bag compactor in different sizes. And if your budget is tight we also have some second hand equipment for rent or purchase.