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  • Under Counter Bottle Crusher

    The Bergmann under counter bottle crusher is a compact,  neat solution to quietly crush empty glass bottles behind the bar as they are generated. Save a fortune on disposal costs of empty bottles.

    Bergmann Direct under-the-counter bottle crusher
    Under-The-Counter Bottle Crusher: single bottle feed - takes sizes up to a champagne bottle

    For immediate crushing of empty glass bottles at the point of use, the Under-Counter-Bottle Crusher is the answer. Instead of throwing bottles in a bin and then taking them out the back,  this unit lets you crush bottles at the bar as soon as they are empty. It reduces bottle volume and keeps the bar area tidy and clutter-free.

    Under-Counter-Bottle Crusher
    Under-counter-bottle-crusher single bottle feed; capacity 80-90 bottles weighing approximately 16kg

    Typically installed behind the bar, there is a tub in the base of the machine which holds all the broken glass. The capacity is up to 80 bottles and it will take up to champagne bottle size.

    Benefits of the under counter bottle crusher

    • It is sound-proofed with a decibel level of 58dbA
    • Compact and neat
    • Single phase 220V power (13A 3-pin plug)
    • Capacity 80-90 bottles when full
    • Single bottle feed
    • Maximum bottle size: champagne
    • Quiet operation: 58dbA
    • Integral tub
    • Typical weight when full 16kg

    If you would like to find out more about installing an under counter bottle crusher for your business call or tell us more about your requirements via our contact form.

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