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  • Briquette Press

    Bergmann Direct supply a complete range of briquette press, which will deal with wood waste as well as aluminium shavings, straw, horse manure and shredded paper.

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    What are Briquette Press Machines Used For?

    Our briquette press machines work by processing wood shavings and sawdust into usable briquettes, reducing the volume of waste materials, which can then be used as heat for workshops.

    Turn your waste into uniform-sized briquettes that can be easily stored, and even sold to generate revenue. Gone are the days where you keep sending unnecessary amounts of wood, metal and other biomass material straight to the landfill. Your briquette press will save money just by you being able to reduce your storage and handling costs.

    Wood and MDF dust can be densified to between 10% and 15% of its original volume using a briquette press; with wood briquettes able to be sold on for use in wood burners. MDF dust can now be recycled in the increasingly important biomass industry. New biomass plants in the UK will accept MDF briquettes to burn, unlike the old commercial incinerators.

    We have three types of briquette presses to choose from, based on volume throughput and price:

    Value Briquetting Press: This is an entry-level machine with a capacity of 10 to 25kg per hour.

    Medium Volume Briquetting Press: A high-quality briquette machine with capacities of 25 to 60kg per hour.

    High Volume Briquetting Press: High throughput with capacity of  60 to 120kg per hour.

    briquette press
    Briquette wood shavings, dust, paper, aluminium swarf with high quality briquetters from Bergmann Direct

    How to Make Briquette From Wood Shavings

    This is a question we’re often asked, and the reality is that with a wood briquette machine, it’s very simple.

    Once you’ve collected your wood raw material including shavings or sawdust, you’ll need to make sure it’s air dried. After this, you can simply put your wood shavings into your briquette press machine, making sure it’s not all emptied in at once, as that could cause a blockage.

    The end result is uniform sized briquettes, which you can then cool, and pack up for selling.

    If you have any questions about our briquette machines, then please get in touch. Either call us or tell us more about your requirements via our contact form, and we'll be happy to discuss further.


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