Small Hooklift Portable Compactor

The MPB405 RoRo is the roll-on-off version of the MPB405 skiplift compactor. It is the smallest roll-on-off available with capacities from 7 to 13m³., and is specially designed for wet and general waste.

Unlike ordinary compactors, the cylinders in the MPB405 small hooklift portable compactor are tucked away in the side of the compactor and never come into contact with the waste.

Bergmann MPB405 SN10 hooklift compactor
MPB405 SN10 with a hooklift frame: 10 cubic metre (14 yard) ro-ro compactor

You will benefit from using a MPB405 RoRo because there is no nasty cleaning out job to do, which typical with standard compactors where the corrosive wet waste will eventually damage cylinders.

The Bergmann Small Hooklift Portable Compactor is 100% leak-proof and is tested at the factory before it leaves.

Accessories and features

  • Capacity from 7 to 13 m³ (9 to 15 yd³)
  • 100% leak-proof
  • Watertight (tested at factory)
  • 28 second cycle time
  • 2 rollers
  • integrated bin-lifter option for 240 - 1100 litre bins
  • Self-cleaning pendulum piston clears the hopper
  • No cleaning behind press-ram required
  • Ozone generator to eliminate smells
  • Drain plug to drain off liquids
  • Text and email fill level notification

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