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  • Bergmann PS8100 Rotary Bag Compactor

    The Bergmann PS8100 is the original bag compactor. It has a small 1.6m by 1.2m footprint and will give a 10:1 compaction rate, achieving an 80% plus reduction in collections. It is ideal for sites with

    Bergmann PS8100 Rotary Bag Compactor -loading-unloading
    Bergmann PS8100 Rotary Bag Compactor: takes dry and general waste and compacts at a ratio of 10:1 into a 1000 litre bag.


    • Small area for waste management (for example city centre hotels and shops)
    • No room for multiple bins
    • General waste or dry recyclables with some contamination from food waste: the bag contains all the liquid
    • Production lines and factories where waste needs to be compacted at the point it is generated: loading by hand, conveyor or chute is typical
    • Apartment blocks where waste is disposed via chutes: the PS8100 can be loaded from a vertical chute
    • As an alternative to a baler, particularly for plastics and shrinkwrap

    How The Bergmann PS8100 Works

    A new bag is placed in the machine with a pallet on the floor and the doors closed; waste is loaded through the chute door (or via a chute from above for example); the rotary drum breaks up and compacts the waste into the bag; the bag is protected by a metal bag shield; the full bag, typically between 350kg and 500kg in weight; the full bag is pulled out on a pallet truck and the bag sealed. The bag can be fork-lifted into a 35 yard container (typical in factories) or collected where waste vehicles have bag and forklift attachments (commonly available in London for example).

    Full bags from Bergmann PS8100: Left: Plastic - 140kg bag; Middle; Cardboard - 250kg; Right: General - 300-700kg
    Full bags from Bergmann PS8100: Left: Plastic - 140kg bag; Middle; Cardboard - 250kg; Right: General - 300-700kg


    • Compaction ratio: 10:1
    • Bag capacity: 1000L
    • Bag dimensions when full: 1100mm x 1100mm (circular)
    • Power requirement: 16A, 3 phase, 415V, 50Hz, 5 pin CEE socket
    • Machine dimensions: WxDxH: 1210mm x 1605mm x 2800mm
    • Noise level: 76 dB
    • Machine weight: 860kg
    • Optional accessories: chute door interlock, insectocutor, operating beacon


    PS8100 control panel-loading new bag- rotary drum
    Bergmann PS8100: Left: easy-to-use control panel; Middle: loading a new bag into the PS8100; Right: rotary drum compacting cardboard

    Typical Customers

    • Hotels (general and DMR - dry mixed recycling)
    • Manufacturing (located next to production lines)
    • Food manufacturing (hand-loaded or chute loaded)
    • Printing (off-cuts of paper air-blown into the PS8100)
    • Apartment blocks (chute fed from waste disposal systems)
    • Office blocks and facilities management with small waste management areas
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