Bergmann APB606

The APB606 is a specialist portable compactor for cardboard and other dry recyclables. It has a unique 'pendulum roof' which swings down when the compactor is discharged which pushes the material out. This is often important for cardboard which can sometimes be difficult to empty.


How Does
The Pendulum Roof Work?

APB606 - pendulum roof

This is a unique feature not available on other manufacturer's machines. The pendulum roof is inset within the roof of the container. When the compactor is emptied, the hinged pendulum roof swings down, dislodging all material packed into corners of the container.

Local authorities collecting cardboard at HWRCs use this machine in order to guarantee the quick emptying of the compactor without the requirement to 'shunt' to free up the material. 

The picture left is viewed from above the compactor looking towards the charge box.

Accessories and features

  • Capacity from 15 to 20 m³ (20 to 26 yd³)
  • Rollers on all 4 corners
  • Hook on rear door option
  • Integrated bin-lifter option for 240 - 1100 litre bins
  • Self-cleaning radial ram clears the hopper

Accessories and features

  • Safety fences optional
  • No cleaning behind press-ram required
  • Text and email automatic fill level notification
  • Feeding options: hand-loaded, bin-lifter, enclosed hopper

If you would like to find out if the MPB907 "China Box" Portable Hooklift Compactor is suitable for your business, call or fill out our contact form with your requirements.


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