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  • New Bergmann Roll Packer for Set Square Staging


    A new Bergmann Roll Packer is cutting waste wood collections by over 75% at Set Square Staging in Mitchum, South London.

    Set Square Staging have a high-quality customer base supplying set production for TV, retail and the advertising industry. They recently provided the set design for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

    Their waste wood is a mixture of clean, MDF and chipboard and was being collected twice-weekly by a national waste contractor in open skips until they installed their Bergmann Roll Packer. Typical weights are now around 8 tonnes as opposed to the 1.5 to 2 tonnes previously and collections are down to one per ten days or once a fortnight.

    The waste wood is recycled with as much as possible being recovered with the remainder going for biomass.

    It is estimated that the machine will pay for itself in well under 3 years at current turnover rates and much quicker with Set Square growing rapidly.

    “For anyone disposing of waste wood in open containers a Bergmann Roll Packer is by far the best solution to reduce collections – the improvements in terms of cost and operational efficiency immediate.” said David Boyd, General Manager Bergmann Direct.

    Bergmann Direct supply Roll Packers to a range of industries. Contact us on 08452265803.