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    Bin Compactors

    Rotary bin and bag compactors are popular choices for hospitals (and hotels), particularly in London where space is at a premium. The London Clinic, Princess Grace Hospital, Cromwell Hospital and the Wellington Hospital, to name but a few, all use Bergmann rotary compactors to minimise waste disposal.

    The small footprint at 1.75m2 means that high volumes of waste can be compacted in tiny waste rooms.

    The PS8100 and 1400E both have a compaction ratio of 9:1. Because the waste is compacted into tough plastic bags, there is no bin-washing to do. The rotating drum crushes the waste against a bag-shield so the bag inside never tears. London waste contractors such as Bywaters and Veolia are all familiar with rotary bag (roto-bale) collection and have the vehicles to carry this out.

    The 1100E turns six wheelie bin’s worth of waste into just one using the same rotating spiked drum as the PS8100 and 1400E to tear up waste and compact it into standard wheelie bins.

    For more information on Bergmann rotary wheelie bin and bag compactors click on this link to the page on this website.

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