Long Cylinder and Traversing Compactors for HWRCs

Bergmann Direct Ltd are leading providers of heavy duty long-cylinder and traversing compactors for use on local authority Household Waste Recycling Centres.

BDL1514 TE Traversing Static Compactor for HWRCs from Bergmann Direct
BDL1514 TE Traversing Static Compactor with Derry Council in Northern Ireland. Uses catenary power system (cable winder is an option)

These compactors are bespoke for each site but are based around standard models depending on the site operational requirements and the types of waste which will be fed into them.

Match your existing specification

Bergmann Direct can match or improve on an existing specification. So if you need to replace old machinery or upgrade with added features we can meet and exceed your requirements. Give us your specification and we can quote like for like and include enhanced features where needed.

BDL1514 T Traversing Static Compactor with enclosed hopper for HWRCs from Bergmann Direct
BDL1514 T Traversing Static Compactor in use at Fife Council

Hoppers and doors: hand-loaded, platform-loaded, interlocked solid or mesh doors, sliding doors, additional width or height.

Loading aperture:  additional width, depth or length, for example to accommodate bulky items such as furniture.

Pressure:  additional pressure for more power and higher tonnages.

Dimensions: we can alter dimensions, within certain limits to fit into the space you have available.

Power supply type:  Hardwired, plug and socket, catenary and cable winding systems (for traversing compactors).

Cycle time: Faster cycle times

Other optional features:

  • Access steps
  • Locked control panels
  • Additional e-stops
  • Epoxy paint
  • Pre-crush: for wood waste and other bulky materials to obtain maximum tonnages
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