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  • Bergmann Direct – Working Across the Whole of Government, Industry and Trade

    Bergmann Direct Ltd are a leading provider of quality waste management and recycling equipment to local authorities and councils throughout the UK. Bergmann Direct are currently the lead provider on the Scotland-Excel Framework Tender for waste equipment to all 32 Scottish councils and are a major supplier to Northern Ireland, English and Welsh councils who manage their own sites.

    For waste contractors and recyclers wanting to put long-lasting, robust or specialist machinery into customers sites to support a collection account Bergmann Direct is the perfect choice. We supply numerous national and local waste contractors. We can either work with your staff and stay in the background or supply directly as your machinery supplier in the full knowledge that we will protect your interests fully.

    Hospitals are one of the largest producers of food waste in the UK. Bergmann Direct are a major supplier of food waste disposal solutions to the NHS in Scotland with the Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer. We also supply compactors, Bergmann rotary compactors and balers to UK private and NHS hospitals.

    The retail sector are large producers of cardboard, plastic, wood and polystyrene waste. We have supplied Bergmann Roll Packers and rotary compactors to an enviable customer base of major household names to manage their waste streams, maximize tonnages and recycling and reduce carbon footprints by reducing transport costs of recyclables and waste streams.

    Our high quality recycling equipment solutions have helped UK facilities managers and outsourcers such as the Crown Estate and Capita maximize the efficiency of their operations for their customers.