Bergmann Direct have supplied a new waste compactor to Newport City Council. The 15kW screw (auger) compactor comprises a pre-shredder for oversized cardboard, a bin lifter and safety cage at the city Household Recycling Centre at Docksway in Newport.

Screw compactors are very effective at increasing the tonnages in enclosed containers due to the deforming action of the auger. Weights in enclosed containers can be 60% higher than using a standard ‘straight-push’ compactor.

Significant increase in tonnage

Newport City Council is getting between 6 and 8 tonnes every time, which is a significant increase from the 2 to 3 tonnes from their previous standard compactor. Higher tonnages also mean a lower carbon footprint as the vehicle movement is reduced.

The screw compactor at Newport also includes a specialist pre-shredding device which gathers in any oversized cardboard, partially shredding it and eliminating bridging in the hopper, a frequent problem with large cardboard boxes.

The safety cage protects operators from potential hazards of the bin lifter movement: controls for the bin lifter are on the outside of the cage.

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