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Bale Strapping

Small vertical balers producing bales up to 300kg use polyester bale strapping , baling tape or baler twine as it is also called. Mill-size vertical balers use cut and looped baling wire.

bale strapping from Bergmann Direct
We supply 9mm, 13mm and 16mm polyester bale strapping which is compatible with all small and medium sized balers producing up to 550kg bales. We supply 4 x 4-500m reels per box.












We sell three widths of polyester bale strapping:

  • 9mm x 500m strapping for small vertical balers producing bales up to 100kg such as the BDL 40 and 75 Vertical Balers.
  • 13mm x 500mm strapping for larger vertical balers which are not mill-sized which produce bales from 100kg up to 300kg such as the BDL 250 Vertical Baler.
  • 16mm x 400mm strapping for mill sized vertical balers ranging from 450kg up to 550kg such as the BDL 450 Vertical Baler.

Order volumes 

Bale strapping comes in boxes of four reels, each 500m (400mm for 16mm) in length. The minimum order is one box of four reels.


Orders are sent the same day if we get them before 1pm. Delivery is NEXT DAY.


If you have an account with us we can invoice you. We accept all major credit and debit cards. New customers will be asked to pay by card.

For a price, please call 01522 692888 or email Simply tell us the make and model of your waste baler and we will be able to tell you which bale strapping you need.

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