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SHBA2 1200A Fully Automatic Baler

The SHBA2 1200A 120 Tonne Fully Automatic Horizontal Balers are our high throughput, high pressing force fully automatic balers.

They are great all-rounders for cardboard, plastics, PET and paper in locations with high volumes and long operating hours.

You are guaranteed bale weights for cardboard of 700kg up to 1200kg in a bale size 1100mm x 1100mm with 5 tying wires.

SHBA2 1200A
SHBA2-1200 120 tonne fully automatic baler with feed conveyor











SHBA2 1200A Features

  • 120-tonne pressing force
  • Feed opening: (L)1800mm x (W)1100mm
  • Bale size: (L) variable x (W)1100mm x (H)1100mm
  • Aggressive shear blade
  • Bale weight for cardboard: 600kg to 1200kg plus
  • Oil tank: 1900L
  • Motor: 55kW
  • Throughput (cardboard):  13 tonnes per hour
  • Throughput (plastic): 5 tonnes per hour
  • Throughput (paper): 17 tonnes per hour
  • 5 tying wires (horizontal)
  • Cycle time: 20 seconds
  • Weight: 19000kg

For higher throughput of up to 14.5 tonnes per hour (cardboard) look at the SHBA2-1200B fully automatic horizontal baler.

For more information on all fully-automatic horizontal balers from Bergmann Direct, please call 0845 226 5803.

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