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RDF Balers

Bergmann Direct now provides fully automatic RDF balers with a wrapper, which uses PET wires for tying.

The UK market requires plastic or twine ties on wrapped bales as the whole bale can then be burned. Up to now this has meant that baling refused derived fuel (RDF) waste has been a high-cost exercise as only the most expensive balers on the market had a plastic-tie option.

RDF Baler with plastic bale ties from Bergmann Direct
BDL 900VL RDF Baler which uses PET wire. PET wire has very simliar properties to steel wire in that it ties off using a modified twister system on the baler. A wrapped RDF bale with plastic ties can be burned whole without splitting.

An innovative modification has enabled us to use PET plastic wire on a traditional steel-wire channel baler. The result is a high quality RDF baler which can bale RDF at a reasonable price!

PET wire is just as strong as steel wire but it can be burned. Being plastic, it retains some memory so one of the key modifications to the tying system requires the PET wire to be twisted more often to be secure. But that's about it. You get a fantastic RDF baler for a fraction of the price of a typical RDF baler.

RDF Balers with PET plastic wire

  • 90 tonne press
  • 5 wire or plastic vertical (PET) ties
  • Motor: 60kW
  • Throughput (RDF): 5-7 tph
  • Typical bale weight (RDF): 500-600kg
  • Bale size: (W): 1080mm x  (H): 730mm x (L): 1200mm (length is variable)
  • Machine weight: approx 13000kg
  • Cycle time: 13 seconds
  • Feed opening: (W): 1140mm x (L): 1470mm
  • Feeding: conveyor recommended for RDF
  • Hardox guides in channel and additional Hardox as required
  • Oil cooler
  • Vertical stamper (to clear the channel of debris and allow a clean operation of the needles)

Bale Wrapper for RDF Baler

The McHale 998 Square Bale Wrapper will wrap RDF bales in less than one minute (up to 50 per hour including feeding and discharge time). With the BDL900V5 RDF baler you can bale up RDF in up to 7 tonnes per hour.

McHale 998 Square Bale Wrapper for RDF from Bergmann Direct
McHale 998 Square Bale Wrapper, is an excellent alternative to bespoke wrapping systems such as Crosswrap and a fraction of the cost. Bergmann Direct have adapted this unit to work alongside fully automatic balers with interlocked safety caging.

The McHale 998 is designed for agricultural bales but bales RDF extremely well. Around 20% of all 998s produced each year are now used for RDF.

The 998 has an in-feed conveyor which picks up the bale and positions it on the centre rollers. As soon as the bale is detected by the sensor the wrapping mechanism turns the bale 360 degrees on all angles, completely wrapping the bale, cutting off the wrap material and discharging the bale ready for the next one.

Ask us about bespoke additional length in-feed and output conveyors which can hold several bales ready for wrapping and collection. Call 0845 226 5803, or contact us here.



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