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Vertical Waste Balers

Bergmann Direct supply a range of vertical waste balers to generate revenue from your cardboard, plastic and metal cans, reduce your labour costs and save on waste collection charges.

DL 450 Vertical Baler, BDL 75 Vertical Baler, BDL 40 PET Perforator from Bergmann Direct
Left: mill-sized baler producing bales of 400-500kg; Middle: BDL 75 small baler produces up to 75kg bale; Right: PET (plastic bottle) baler with four chambers to produce bales of plastic up to 40kg - 2,3 or 4 chambers available.

Cardboard Balers

The biggest reduction in waste disposal costs comes from separating recyclables like cardboard, plastic, shrink wrap and aluminium cans and only disposing of the residual waste. Our vertical waste balers will help you reduce waste costs, increase your recycling rates and generate more revenue from your waste.

Mill-Sized Balers

The paper mills only accept recycled cardboard in 'mill-sized' bales, hence the name. A mill sized bale must be a minimum of 400kg and typically range from 400kg to 700kg, averaging 500kg. Click here to find out more about our mill-sized vertical balers,  BDL 450.

Cardboard & Plastic Balers

Removing cardboard, paper and plastic from your general waste and baling it will reduce your general waste disposal costs. We supply a range of small (non-mill-sized) vertical waste balers which produce bales from 30kg up to 250kg. Click here to find out more.

Plastic Bottle Balers

Our vertical plastic bottle baler has 164 ingenious spikes in the press plate which pierce plastic bottles while baling them. Click here for more information.

To find out more about Vertical Waste Balers from Bergmann Direct, call 01522 692888, or tell us more about your business needs via our contact form, and one of our team can match your requirements.


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