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Mill-Sized Baler

The BDL 450 is a Vertical Mill-Sized Baler for Cardboard, Plastics, Hard Plastics, PET Bottles, and Dry Recyclables.

Why pay to have valuable recyclables collected for disposal, when you could retain the revenue on the material for yourself?

If your organisation generates volumes of cardboard or plastics like BDL 450 Vertical Baler from Bergmann Direct shrink wrap and plastic bottles then you could benefit financially and operationally by using a baler. Cardboard attracts rebates of up to £70 a tonne when baled in a mill-size baler. Plastics rebates are much higher at £80 to £200 plus depending on volume and type.

Yet too many organisations are still paying transport costs to have cardboard and plastic removed and giving the revenue to the collector. You need enough material, for the rebates to be worthwhile (generally at least a skip's worth a week), but you should aim to keep the revenue for yourself.

Vertical Mill-Sized Baler for Cardboard & Plastics

Paper mills want cardboard bales in 'mill sizes' which means they must weigh at least 450kg to attract the highest value. Smaller bales from smaller balers have to be broken apart and re-baled which is why their value is much lower, or non-existent.

Plastics however, do not need to be in 'mill-sized' bales. But you can use your mill-size baler to bale your plastics too. Plastics like shrink wrap have a much higher value than cardboard.


Features of Bergmann BDL 450 vertical mill size baler

  • Counterweight door (slide up) for reduced operating area and operator safety
  • Chain-driven bale ejector for easy discharge of bales
  • Adjustable bale height for different materials and bale weights
  • Large feed aperture
  • Rock solid door opening ratchet handle
  • 50 tonne press
    Mill-Sized Baler
    Automatic bale ejector on the Bergmann Direct vertical mill sized baler BDL 450
  • 3 phase power required (32A)
  • Two-handed operation for safety
  • Interlocked door stops the baler crushing while the door is open


Types of waste:

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Aluminium Cans
  • Shrink wrap
  • Hard plastics

To find out more about a mill-sized baler from Bergmann Direct, call 01522 692888 or tell us more about your business requirements via our contact form.

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