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It is vital for all your operators to be trained in the safe use of the equipment. This is a key part of the PUWER regulations (Proper Use of Work Equipment Regulations).

If your staff are not trained and more importantly you cannot provide records to prove to a health and safety inspector that your staff have been properly trained then should anything go wrong, the liability will fall on you.

Bergmann Direct always provide training with any new equipment we provide and we can do refresher training at any time.


Operator Training

Correct PPE to wear
Explanation of the machinery components, and their function
Essential safety features and locations of emergency stops
Pre-start check routine: locking the machine off, visual inspection for damage and condition, start-up procedure
Control panel functions
Correct operation of the machine to ensure the most efficient use - the 'dos and don'ts'
Fault finding and troubleshooting
Call out routine if the troubleshooting fails to rectify the problem
Routine maintenance, inspection and housekeeping
All trainees receive certificates of competence (assuming they pass)

Maintenance Training

Bergmann Direct will normally provide a service contract with new machinery. In cases, where customers employ their own maintenance engineers we can train the engineers in the proper maintenance of the machinery. Maintenance training includes operator training and in addition:

More detailed explanation of the electrical, hydraulic and mechanical features of the machine
Inspection and servicing routines
Annual and interim servicing
Equipment needed
Oil and filter change
Spare parts

To find out more about Bergmann's training services call or fill out our contact form and a member of our team will be in touch.

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