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Bergmann Electric Static Roll Packer


The Bergmann Electric Static Roll Packer (RP7700-E) - gives the unrivalled compaction in open containers everyone knows about and also delivers 68% lower electricity use when compared to the standard hydraulic unit.

This is the first in a new generation of electrically-driven waste management equipment from Bergmann with a smaller carbon footprint and minimal reliance on fossil fuels, plus lower maintenance costs.

Electrical data: 4 kW / 3~400V/N/PE / 50 Hz
Net weight: 3700kg
Dimensions: 3000mm x 1450mm + container
length x 7050mm max (W x L x H)
Drum weight: 1620kg
Drum width: 1800mm
Noise level: 65dB
  • General waste
  • Wood
  • Pallets
  • Green waste
  • Hard plastics (ABS, WEEE plastics)
  • Metal (eg: white goods)
  • Manufacturers (pallet and packing case waste)
  • Waste contractors (managing HWRC sites)
  • Local Authorities
  • Storage and Distribution companies (pallet waste)
  • Building renovation and demolition companies (window frames and doors)
  • Printers

Why Use The Electric Static Roll Packer?

The Roll Packer, or rollpacker from Bergmann Direct, was first designed by Heinz Bergmann over 30 years ago, is still the leading product of its type on the market. It compacts waste into 35 yd³ and up to 50 yd³ open containers, with compaction ratios between 3:1 and 7:1 depending on the type of waste.

RP7700 arm half extended

At 4:1 average compaction, you would reduce the transport element of your waste disposal in containers by 75% - a huge saving which could amount to many thousands of pounds a year. The roll packer would give you a tonnage of 8-10 tonnes per container instead of the typical 2 tonnes without compaction.

Electrical Cable

In addition, the electric version uses 68% less power in comparison to the original hydraulic model and requires less maintenance. A reduction in noise also makes the electric model ideal for businesses with close neighbours both domestic and commercial.

Maximises tonnages

Break up and compact waste

The 1.5 tonne spiked drum breaks up and compacts the waste to maximise tonnages making full use of the space in the container so you are not paying to transport air. The roll packer is able to deal with almost every type of bulky waste, from wood, hard and soft plastics to light metal such as washing machines. There is a variable cycle time option so you can let the machine do all the work while you are off on something else.

RP7700-E drum

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