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Innnovative Recycling Technology

Bergmann Direct have 30 years' experience in the hospitality sector providing innovative equipment to reduce waste disposal costs and increase recycling revenues. 

Uncompacted waste is the main problem. Everyone needs waste contractors to remove waste but just putting everything in bins is rarely the most effective way to reduce disposal costs. Our machines offer you ways to permanently reduce operational and waste disposal costs by effective compaction.

Hospitlity Industry Waste Management

   Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer

   The use of macerators and the disposal of food waste in to drains and in general waste is banned in England from       later in 2024 (following Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland where this was done years ago).

   The Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer is revolutionary yet simple technology that removes the water content from food     waste overnight, reducing the weight by 80% or more and cutting disposal costs dramatically. The dryer is already       in hotels and hospitals throughout the UK.

Glass and Bottle Crushers

Glass is a major headache for hospitality businesses. Glass fills up bins quickly yet a full bin is still 90% air.

Pubs, restaurants and hotels have already realised this and are crushing glass in one of our two glass crushers, saving a fortune in disposal costs.

Portable Compactors

Bergmann Direct supply roll-on-off and skiplift portable compactors for wet waste and roll-on-off compactors for general and dry mixed recyclables for hospitals.

1100E Wheelie Bin Compactors

Where space is at a premium, the 6:1 compaction rate of the Bergmann 1100E Wheelie Bin Compactor not only reduces the number of wheelie bins cuts disposal costs and collections by over 80%.

  Rotary Bag Compactors  

  The alternative to balers: just throw your waste or recyclables in and the machine will automatically pack it tightly        into a heavy duty bag with a 10:1 compaction rate. No need to stand around waiting for the press plate on a baler to    go down and up again before you can load more material. The rotary compactor will work continuously, giving you    high tonnages for less work.

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