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Large Eco-Smart
Food Waste Dryers

The Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer removes the water from food waste reducing its volume by 80 - 95%, eliminating bacteria and smells.

Reduce waste volume

Food Waste Dryers

It dries all types of food waste, whether kitchen preparation waste, post-consumer waste or other types of mixed food production waste overnight. A nasty, smelly waste stream can be reduced substantially in volume and weight in hours and turned into a sterile, dry powder which can be composted, sent for anaerobic digestion or burned in waste-to-energy plants.

Putting food waste down the drain is now illegal in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales with England to follow in 2024/5 with the passing of the Environment Act 2021. This is the sustainable solution to reducing food waste disposal costs.


How the Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer Works

How the Eco-Smart Food Waste dryer works is similar to a sophisticated tumble dryer, turning the food waste in hot air, extracting the 80% water content. Food waste is on average 80% water. The Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer turns wet food waste into a sterile, dry residue, 20% or less of its former weight.

Loading the Food Waste

You can load any food waste you like (with the exception of large knuckle bones). Remember though: it is a food waste dryer so leave out plastic bottles, cling film, cutlery, bags, glass and packaging. You can put compostable food waste bags made from PLA as these disintegrate in the overnight process.

Turn It On

Once you have reached the full mark inside, shut the lid and press the start button. That’s it. Leave it until the machine finishes its cycle. The rest is automatic. The chamber heats up, so the air is 75-85°C. The water content of the food waste (approximately 80% by volume) is evaporated as steam and condensed back into clear, sterilized water which then goes into the drain. Moisture detectors measure the dryness of the residue and automatically turn off the machine once the food waste is dry.

Empty It

After typically 12 to 16 hours, the food waste is reduced to sterile, dry powder looking like instant coffee granules, roughly 15-20% of its former weight and volume. The time taken depends on the exact make-up of the waste. Liquids and starch tend to lengthen the cycle time. Underfilling will shorten it. Place the tub supplied under the discharge door, open the door and press the ‘discharge’ button. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to empty. You can store the practically odourless residue for weeks as it is sterile. But most users put it in food waste wheelie bins for removal to a composting or anaerobic digestion facility. The machine is then ready to be loaded again.

Help the environment

What happens to the dried food waste?

The dried residue from the Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer will be collected by a food waste collector and will typically go to:

  • Industrial composting
  • Anaerobic digestion
  • Waste-to-energy

Insist on an audit trail so you can be assured that you are doing your bit to help the environment. Speak to Bergmann Direct if you need any help in this area.


Everything you need

The Benefits of the Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer

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How Is Food Waste Recycled In The UK
Huge savings.
80% of food waste is water and Eco-Smart eliminates this completely.
Eliminates smells.
Food waste in bins and compactors smells, especially in hot weather. Dried residue is sterile and practically odourless so can be stored safely for a while before disposal.
No more food waste down the drain.
Traditional commercial food waste disposal units macerate food waste and flush it into the drain, a practice that is now illegal in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales with England to follow in 2023.
No more fat traps to empty.
Fat build up requires enzyme dispensers or unpleasant fat traps to keep drains clear. Eco-Smart eliminates all of this. The only thing which goes down the drain is the water from the food waste which has been evaporated within the unit and condensed back to water: very simple and hygienic.
Eliminates risks from vermin.
Food waste in bins and compactors attracts vermin, rats, mice, flies, wasps and seagulls. Eco-Smart eliminates this nasty problem forever.
Cleaner and more hygienic than composting.
Composters take two to six weeks to breakdown food waste and require the daily addition of precise quantities of carbon material (usually woodchip). As the food waste decomposes they are smelly, and typical installations attract flies! The Eco-Smart is a hygienic, quicker and sustainable solution to recycling food waste.
No ‘added bacteria’.
Some food digesters require the addition of enzymes and bacteria to digest the food waste. Not ideal in a food environment like a kitchen. This is not required with the Eco-Smart.
Liquefying Digesters.
Some so-called food digesters liquefy food waste but you are still putting food waste into the drain system, so fat traps, enzyme dosing are still required.

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