Innovative Waste Handling Equipment
For the Public and Private Sector

Bergmann Direct:
providing high quality, reliable and innovative waste handling equipment to drive your waste costs lower.

6 Reasons to Choose Bergmann Direct

High Quality, Robust and Reliable Waste Handling Equipment

Our equipment lasts longer reducing capital outlay and financing costs over time.Reliable equipment has fewer breakdowns,keeping maintenance costs low

Innovative Waste Handling Solutions

Bergmann are constantly developing machinery to improve your efficiency, reduce operator times and your carbon footprint. Innovative machinery gives you a competitive cost advantage by reducing your waste costs.

Quality and Health & Safety Peace of Mind

Our ISO9001, ISO14001 and SafeContractor accreditations give you the peace of mind of dealing with a company with exemplary quality, environmental and health and safety management systems.

Responsive Back Up and Support

Our reputation is based on our ability and commitment to support machinery which we install. Many items of machinery come with 24 month and 36 month warranties as standard.

Enviable Customer Base

We have an extensive customer base, particularly in the public sector which demands high standards of health and safety and responsiveness.

Our Commitment To Reducing Your Waste Costs

We always remember that waste handling equipment is a means to an end: of saving your money on waste costs over time not just the short term. Cheaper equipment from competitors may look attractive but quality and reliability will save you in the longer term.

Waste Handling

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