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Bergmann APB1620

The APB1620 Bergmann portable hooklift (roro) compactor is specially designed for compacting dry recyclables such as plastics, cardboard and foils but it can be used for general, mainly dry waste.


The APB1620 has the largest feed aperture of any portable hooklift compactor available in the UK. It uses the patented 'throw-over blade' which allows continuous feeding while compacting and there is no space behind the press plate to be cleaned out (unlike other makes).

Available in capacities from 14m³ to 20m³ with a standard charge box of 4.5m³.

There is also a 'low-height' version (2060mm).


Accessories and features

Largest feed aperture of any portable available at 2000mm x 1604mm
Capacity from 14 to 20m³ (18 to 26yd³)
Pressing force: 27 tonnes
Cycle time 36s forward, 35s return
4 rollers
integrated bin-lifter option for 240 - 1100 litre bins

Accessories and features

Self-cleaning pendulum piston clears the hopper
Hook on both ends (reversible) for picking up from each end
Safety fences optional
No cleaning behind press-ram required
Watertight option with drain tank available
Optional ozone generator to eliminate smells.

Typical locations: Hospitals, schools, universities and colleges, shopping centres, hotels, office blocks, local authorities (HWRC sites).


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