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  • Expanded Polystyrene Compactors and EPS Recycling

    Bergmann Direct supply low, medium and high volume polystyrene compactors which turn loose polystyrene into blocks which sell for up to £600 a tonne. Polystyrene, otherwise known as Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) or Styrofoam, is 98% air. For something that weighs so little, how much are you actually paying to transport it to landfill? - Scroll down to see the machines in our range.

    If you are spending more than £75 a week disposing of EPS polystyrene waste, then it will pay to have a polystyrene compactor, sometimes known as an EPS recycling system. If you are loading up a van on a regular basis to take your polystyrene to landfill, then think about what else you could be doing with your time.

    Compact polystyrene to turn a waste stream into a revenue stream
    Loose polystyrene waste is expensive to dispose of. Compacted polystyrene is a valuable resource which we will buy once it's compacted.

    What Are EPS Polystyrene Compactors?

    Polystyrene quickly fills skips and bins: it takes up large amounts of space due to the air, yet weighs almost nothing. How much are you paying to dispose of air?

    Our EPS compactors will compact your polystyrene by 98%, reducing your disposal costs significantly, but that isn't all.

    Recyclers will often pay a high price for compacted polystyrene: typically between £200 and £400 a tonne. But you will only get these prices if the polystyrene is compacted using an EPS compactor. The amount you can sell it for depends on the quantity you have available, and the weight of each load.


    Why Choose Bergmann Direct For Your EPS Polystyrene Compactor?

    We have been supplying this type of equipment for over 15 years with hundreds of units throughout the UK. It is a specialized piece of equipment to deal with an awkward type of plastic. We understand the machine and the material and we can pass on our knowledge to you. We supply three models of EPS polystyrene compactors for low, medium and high volumes. No matter how much polystyrene you will be recycling, we're confident we'll have the right machine for you.

    We also offer to buy back your compacted polystyrene from you, meaning what once was a waste disposal cost, can now become a viable revenue stream which could pay for the cost of the machine and generate an additional revenue, especially now as rebates are around £600 a tonne.


    Browse our three types of compactors below, and see which is the ideal option for you:

    SP200 EPS Polystyrene Compactor from Bergmann Direct
    Low volume (compacts 25-45kg per hour) SP200 EPS compactor has an easy to use manual pressure control and optional extended output chute

    SP200: Small EPS Polystyrene Compactor: Capacity: 2.5 to 4.5 cubic metres of loose EPS per hour.

    Locking wheels means it can be moved around to different locations.

    Requires 16A 3-phase power.






    BDL CP250 Polystyrene Compactor
    BDL CP250 Medium Volume EPS Polystyrene Compactor: throughput 45kg to 100kg per hour (4.5 cubic metres to 10 cubic metres of loose EPS)

    CP250: Medium EPS Polystyrene Compactor: Capacity 4.5 to 10 cubic metres of loose EPS per hour

    Most popular unit. Requires 32A 3-phase power.

    Automatic adjustment of the pressure to form the compacted block.

    White goods retailers and distributors and furniture companies make up most of the customers.






    BDL CP370 Heavy Duty Polystyrene EPS Compactor
    BDL CP370 High Volume EPS Compactor: throughput 100kg -200kg per hour (10-20 cubic metres per hour).

    CP370: Large EPS Polystyrene Compactor: Capacity 10 to 25 cubic metres of loose EPS per hour

    Heavy duty machine for larger volumes and larger pieces of EPS. Requires 63A 3-phase power.

    For large offcuts (pre-cast concrete customers), insulation board EPS, fish processors, wet EPS.





    For more information about our compactors, or to find out how much you could earn from your compacted polystyrene, get in touch with us today. Either call us or fill out our contact form, and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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