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SP200 EPS Compactor - Low Volume - Up to 5m³ Per Hour

The SP200 EPS Compactor is designed for small volumes up to 5m³ of loose polystyrene (45kg) per hour. Instead of spending money on loose polystyrene waste disposal, compact it and generate revenue. Turn a cost into an income.

The screw in the bottom of the hopper breaks up the material and forces it through the channel into a solid compacted block. It is perfect for small domestic appliance wholesalers, IT equipment retailers and furniture retailers who all generate EPS and polystyrene packaging waste.

SP200 EPS Polystyrene Compactor from Bergmann Direct
Low volume (compacts 25-45kg per hour) SP200 EPS compactor has an easy to use manual pressure control and optional extended output chute


  • Small to Medium Volume SP200 EPS Compactor
  • Capacity: 2m³ to 5m³ (25kg to 45kg) of loose polystyrene per hour
  • Dimensions of feed aperture: 600mm (W) x 400mm (D)
  • Overall dimensions: 2700mm (L) x 480mm (D) x 1470mm (H)
  • Loading height: 1470mm
  • Block size: 200mm x 200mm x variable length
  • Power required: 16A, three phase (5 pin red plug)
  • Motor: 4kW
  • Pressure control: easy-to-use manual adjustment
  • Mobile:  fitted with four locking castors


SP200 Low Volume EPS Compactor Features
Left: Locking wheels on the SP200 allow you to move it to the best location; Middle: Easy-to-use manual control sets the pressure on the blocks; Right: blocks of compacted EPS stacked and ready for recycling.

To find out more about the range of Polystyrene Compactors from Bergmann Direct, call 01522 692888, or tell us more about your requirements via our contact form.

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