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  • Bergmann Roll Packers

    Bergmann mobile, static and traversing roll packers are the waste compactor of choice for compacting wood waste, general waste and other bulky materials in open containers. Invented by Heinz Bergmann, no other compactor can compare with the high tonnages achievable with this equipment. High compaction means fewer collections, lower waste disposal and haulage costs and better operational efficiency.

    Bergmann Roll Packers: Mobile, Static Traversing
    Left: Bergmann Mobile Roll Packer; Centre: Bergmann Static Roll Packer; Right: Bergmann Traversing Roll Packer

    How roll packers work

    The specially equipped compaction drum with spiked teeth, rolls over the waste, crushing it and using the full space of the container. The geared drum weighs 1.5 tonnes and is highly effective at breaking up general and especially wood waste. The adjustable compaction time can be set for a few minutes or several hours depending on the waste to crush. Continuous loading during compaction is possible. The drum travel length is set to automatically avoid the drum touching the end of the container.

    Bergmann Roll Packer drum


    Bergmann pioneered this method of crushing and compacting in open containers over thirty years ago. Other big organisations have tried to replicate the technology, however, Bergmann still remain the original and best with continuous improvements being introduced all the time.

    Typical uncompacted tonnages in a 35 yarder are 1- 2 tonnes. But with a roll packer the tonnage increases to between 8 and 12 depending on the type of waste.

    Bergmann Roll Packers

    Mobile Roll Packer - RP 7700M: - A diesel-driven unit with container-moving arm, which allows you to drive to any container wherever placed to compact. The container arm can lift and move full bins up to 10 tonnes in weight in and out of position. Usually seen at local authority HWRCs and at large retail distribution centres. The most flexible roll packer option, please find more information here.

    Static Roll Packer - RP 7700: - A single unit for one bin. Typical users are manufacturers and distribution centres with high volumes of pallet and packing case waste and smaller local authorities that have wood, general, plastics and light metal waste. Further information on the Static Roll Packer here.

    Electric Roll Packer - RP7700-E:This is the electric version of the Static Roll Packer and uses 68% less electricity typically than the standard hydraulic Static Roll Packer. Further information on the Electric Roll Packer here.

    Traversing Roll Packer - RP 7700VS - A single roll packer which operates on a rail behind several containers. Typical users are high volume sites with multiples containers and or waste streams in open containers. Further information on Traversing Roll Packers from Bergmann here.



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