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  • Bergmann Static Waste Compactors

    Static waste compactors are used to compact waste on sites with large volumes of general or dry waste. Instead of having several wheelie bin collections per week, waste is compacted into a container which is exchanged for a new empty one when full.

    A static waste compactor is bolted to the ground and remains on site, unlike a portable compactor, where the whole unit is removed for emptying and then returned later in the day.

    Static compactors save large waste producers thousands of pounds in disposal costs by reducing the transport element.

    Bergmann Direct make a full range of bespoke static compactors in different configurations so the unit is perfect for your site, volume of waste and your preferred method of filling it, whether it is loaded by hand, with a wheelie bin lifter (240L up to 1100L), chute fed or from a dock or platform.

    Static compactors from Bergmann Direct
    Choose the exact configuration you need: hopper size, pressing force, bin lifter, safety cage, hand-loader, chute system.

    Bergmann Direct supply two main types of Static Waste Compactor. You can find more information on these by clicking on the links below.

    Bespoke Static Waste Compactors 

    There are three core models with multiple variables:

    • Hopper type (open, covered, enclosed, chute, through-the-wall)
    • Loading side: left, right, rear or dock-loaded
    • Bin lifter: pinion (1100 litre Euro bin, 240L, 360L, 660L, 770L)
    • Short (crossed) or long cylinder
    • More...

    Traversing Static Compactors

    Generally used only on local authority, household waste sites (HWRCs), these are long cylinder compactors designed to deal with large volumes of general waste. The compactors travel along a rail system set in the concrete and fill containers until they are full.

    Long cylinder and traversing compactors from Bergmann Direct
    Long cylinder and traversing compactors typically used on Household Waste Recycling Centres. Left: long-cylinder compactor for cardboard at North Ayrshire. Middle: traversing compactor at Derry Council, Northern Ireland. Right: traversing compactor at Fife Council

    If you're unsure about the static waste compactor you need for your organisation, call our expert team today on. Alternatively, you can tell us more about your requirements via our contact form.

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