The Eco-Smart ES150 is designed for food waste weights from 50kg to 100kg per day. 

The Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer dries all types of food waste, whether kitchen preparation waste, post-consumer waste or other types of mixed food production waste overnight, reducing its volume and weight by 80 - 95%, eliminating bacteria and smells.

A nasty, smelly waste stream can be reduced substantially in volume and weight in a matter of a few hours and turned into a sterile, dry, clean, manageable granulated powder which can be composted, sent for anaerobic digestion or burned in waste-to-energy plants.

The Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer accepts all types of mixed food waste (except large knuckle bones) including fruit; vegetables, fruit and vegetable peels; eggs and eggshells; fish; fish heads and guts; meat; poultry; rice; pasta; bread; pastry; shell-fish including mussels; tea bags and tea; coffee grounds and coffee; milk; fruit juice; gravies; wine; beer.


The ES150 requires a 32A, 3-phase, 415V power socket within 2m and a standard floor or PVC sink drain within 2m.

The unit should be sited indoors or in a shelter to protect it from the elements.

Speak to us if you think your food waste or your premises are unusual.


How The ES150 Food Waste Dryer Works

  1. Load the raw food waste: either in one go or throughout the day as it arises
  2. Shut the lid and press START; the Eco-Smart will run automatically.
  3. The temperature in the drum rises to around 85 degrees during the cycle. Evaporated, condensed, clean water from the food waste is discharged via the outlet at the rear to a drain.
  4. Moisture sensors in the drum will detect when the material has dried and stop the cycle automatically. There is no need to check.
  5. Open the front door and press the DISCHARGE button to empty the dried residue into a tub which is supplied.
  6. The residue can be stored safely for weeks if necessary. Disposal is usually into wheelie bins for food waste collection (80% fewer collections than raw waste!), and then to composting or AD.

ES150 Food Waste Dryer Specification

  • Capacity: 50-100kg
  • Cycle time: 8 hours (50kg) to 16 hours (100kg)
  • Dimensions: (D): 850mm x (L): 1100mm x (H): 1450mm
  • Reduction rate: 85-90%
  • Power required: 32A, 3 phase 415V 50Hz CEE socket
  • Weight: 390kg
  • Can be moved on a pallet truck
  • Portable: with locking castors and adjustable height legs
  • Requires a nearby drain outlet

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