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SB9/15 Explosion Proof Drum Crusher

Capacity up to 205L (48L UK gallons-57L US liquid gallons)
Pressing power: 9 tonnes or 15 tonnes
Explosion-proof, non-sparking control panel and hydraulic controls for hazardous areas (ATEX rated)
Includes a drip tray for residual liquid from drums
Spikes in press plate
Power supply: 16A, 3 phase, 415V
Cycle time: 33 seconds
Capacity: one drum per cycle
Internal dimensions: WxDxH: 650mm x 650m x 920mm
External dimensions: WxDxH: 840mm x 1030mm (incl. door open) x 2300mm
Noise level (ISO 3746) - 80dB(A)
Weight 610kg
Simple operation: load the drum, close the door, press start button, open the door. Door only opens once the cycle is complete.
BDL SB9 Drum Crusher Composite

The Explosion Proof BDL SB9/15 Hydraulic Drum Crusher is for 205 litre drums (55 gallons).

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