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    Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer

    Are You Still Putting Food Waste Down The Drain, or Into Bins?

    The Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer is the hygienic, sustainable way to reduce food waste disposal costs, cutting food waste volumes by 80% overnight, guaranteed. End the risk of vermin from food waste in bins and compactors. No more blocked drains, enzyme dosing of drains and emptying horrible fat traps. Choose hygiene, sustainability and huge savings. The Eco-Smart food waste dryer is for hospitals, restaurants, hotels, universities, prisons, army barracks and commercial catering facilities. It turns the day’s food waste into odourless, dry residue in 12 to 18 hours depending on the moisture content and the model used. Load it during the day and then turn it on. The Eco-Smart evaporates the water content off by heating the food waste to around 85 degrees turning it into a dry, sterile residue which can go for composting or anaerobic digestion. Check out this short video here for a complete overview of how it works and how you benefit. Or go to the Eco-Smart website our specialist resource for information about this unique product.

    There are 7 models in the range for different volumes of food waste:

    Restaurants, pubs, small hotels and small commercial kitchens with as little as 15kg of food waste a day can dry it in the NEW ES30 Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer in under 12 hours. For larger quantities up to 50kg of food waste per day (half a 240L wheelie bin full) should look at either the ES60 Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer or the ES80 Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer. The ES150 is for food waste volumes from 50 to100kg per day, typical of larger restaurants, hotels and small hospitals: equivalent to about one 240L wheelie bin per day. The ES300 will take between 100 and 200kg of food waste per day (one to two 240L wheelie bins a day), typical of medium sized hospitals, larger hotels and boarding schools. The high-volume model ES500 (200 to 335kg per day or two to four 240L wheelie bins a day)and ES1000 (335 to 670kg per day or four to eight 240L wheelie bins a day are for the larger hospitals, hotels, universities, prisons, schools and military establishments. If you do not know what your food waste volumes are, please ask us and we can advise. Putting Food Waste Down The Drain Is Illegal in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. In Scotland, since January 2015, in Wales since 2016 and in Northern Ireland from April 2017 it has been illegal to put food waste down the drain. England is anticipated to follow suit before long.

    Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer from Bergmann Direct

    Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer reduces food waste volumes and weight by 80% overnight

    Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer - loading

    Eco-Smart food waste dryer: Left: loading raw food waste; Middle: simple control panel – after loading just press the green RUN button; Right: food waste in the chamber (door interlocked normally – this view is for demonstration purposes only

    Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer - discharging

    Eco-Smart food waste dryer: Left; clean, condensed water discharging during the drying process; Middle: dried food waste discharging from the Eco-Smart at the end of the cycle; Right: Dried food waste – the colour depends on the composition of the original raw food waste loaded.

    What Are the Benefits of the Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer?


    Huge savings

    80% of food waste is water and Eco-Smart eliminates this completely.

    Eliminates smells

    Food waste in bins and compactors smells, especially in hot weather. Dried food waste coming from Eco-Smart is sterile and can be stored odour-free for a more pleasant back of house environment.

    No more food waste down the drain

    Traditional food waste disposal units macerate food and flush small particles of waste down the drain, a practice that’s now officially discouraged by water authorities and illegal in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

    No more fat traps

    Fat build up requires enzyme dispensers or unpleasant fat traps to keep drains clear. Eco-Smart eliminates all of this. The only thing which goes down the drain is the condensed water from the food waste very simple and hygienic.

    Eliminates vermin problems

    Food waste in bins and compactors attracts vermin, rats, mice, flies, wasps and seagulls. Eco-Smart eliminates this nasty problem forever.

    No need for composter

    These units take two to six weeks to breakdown food waste and require the daily addition of precise quantities of carbon material (usually woodchip). They are also smelly, and typical installations attract flies! Eco-Smart is a cleaner, quicker and hassle-free solution.

    No ‘added bacteria’ Some ‘overnight’ food digesters require the addition of special bacteria to digest the food waste, this is not required with the Eco-Smart.

    Liquefying products

    Some so-called food digesters liquefy food waste but you are still putting food waste into the drain system, so fat traps, enzyme dosing are still required.