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Bergmann Direct Ltd are leading providers of heavy duty long cylinder static compactors. Typically these are used on local authority Household Waste Recycling Centres, or transfer stations but are also suitable for sites with high volumes of bulky waste which requires higher compaction.

These compactors have a longer cylinder to accommodate a larger charge box and can be built with a variety of loading options such as manual, via a Bobcat or shovel loader or from a dock.

Please contact us below with your specification and requirements.

Long cylinder static compactor-1

BDL1519 Long Cylinder Static Compactor at South Ayrshire Council working on bulky waste

Long Cylinder Compactor

BDL 1513 Static compactor at Bartonholm HWRC

BDL1514 Long Cylinder Static Compactor in use at North Ayrshire Council

Knowsley Compactor with container at factory r

BDL3520 Long Cylinder Transfer Station Compactor built for Knowlsey WTS in Liverpool

Long Cylinder Compactor Features

Hoppers and doors: Hand-loaded, platform-loaded, shovel loaded, interlocked solid or mesh doors, sliding doors, additional width or height.
Loading aperture: Additional width, depth or length, for example to accommodate bulky items such as furniture.
Pressure: Additional pressure for more power and higher tonnages.
Dimensions: We can alter dimensions, within certain limits to fit into the space you have available.
Power supply type: Hardwired, plug and socket, catenary and cable winding systems (for traversing compactors).
Cycle time: Faster cycle times

Other Optional Features

Access steps
Locked control panels
Additional e-stops
Epoxy paint
Pre-crush: For wood waste and other bulky materials to obtain maximum tonnages

To enquire about our long cylinder compactors, call or fill out our contact form and one of the team will be in touch shortly.


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