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The Bergmann Mobile Roll Packer is the diesel-driven version of the original roll packer and gives the highest compaction rates and tonnages in open containers.

Now used by over 50% of all Scottish and Northern Irish Councils and many local authorities and national waste contractors in the rest of the UK, the Bergmann Mobile Roll Packer is the most efficient compactor for civic amenity sites (HWRC) using open containers. Powered by a 1800cc Kubota diesel engine, the unique mobile has the ability to move to any container on site as required and achieve high compaction rates of bulky waste like wood, household, general, light metal and green waste.

Mobile Roll Packer
Typical Compaction Rates

Based on a 35yd3 container filled with waste pallets or wood: an uncompacted weight of 2 tonnes would be transformed into 10 tonnes when compacted with the Roll Packer. Compaction rates of 4:1 or 5:1 are typical and would reduce vehicle movements and associated costs by the same ratio.

Alternatives like mechanical diggers with shovels and grabs, require drivers with special licences. In addition, the grab or bucket has to press down on the waste which is not recommended by the manufacturer. This causes excessive wear on the mechanics and damage to the containers, a hidden operating cost.


Before and after...

Bergmann Roll Packers maximise the space in open containers so you get the highest tonnages.

Bergmann Roll Packer Crushing Wood-1

Mobile Roll Packer
Container-Moving Arm


The Bergmann Mobile Roll Packer comes with a unique new feature: the ability to pick up and move full containers of up to 12 tonnes around on site. This can save thousands of pounds a year by avoiding the need for roll-on-off vehicles to be called in, particularly at weekends. The hook is articulated and works with all CHEM standard hooks.

Mobile Roll Packer Features

Container-Lifting Arm
Vandal-proof grills for cab
Automatic control of rolling length to protect containers
Drive wheels within container width for easy positioning
Reversing camera (colour)
Cab heating, radio and external microphone
Solid tyres
Cab heating
Automatic central lubrication

Ask us for reference sites so you can see the mobile in action for yourself. The Mobile Roll Packer can be seen throughout the UK.


Ask for the genuine article from the UK dealer: only Bergmann Direct employs factory-trained engineers to train your people in the operation and servicing of the new Mobile Jumbo Mark VII. For a discussion about the suitability of your site for the new Mobile Jumbo, and for reference sites you can visit yourself and speak directly to operators.

Typical Users:

Local authorities
Waste contractors (managing HWRC sites)
Large retail distribution
Utility companies (power stations)


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