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Bergmann MPB414

The MPB414 Skip Compactor is the skip version of the MPB918 Hooklift Compactor. It is specially designed for wet and general waste.

Unlike ordinary compactors, the cylinders in the MPB skip compactor are tucked away in the side of the compactor and never come into contact with the waste, reducing the maintenance and increasing the longevity of the machine.


Bergmann MPB414 skip compactor is available for hand loading or bin lifter loading. Comb and pinion wheelie bins from 120L to 1100L are possible.

There is no nasty cleaning out job to do with the MPB414 Skiplift Compactor, which is typical with standard compactors where the corrosive wet waste will eventually damage cylinders.

The MPB414 is 100% leak-proof and every skip compactor is tested at the factory before it leaves.

Skip Compactor Features

Capacity from 8 to 13 m3 (10 to 17 yd3)
100% leak-proof
Watertight (tested at factory)
28 second cycle time
2 rollers on rear option for manoeuvring
Pressing force 26 tonnes depending on model

Accessories and features

Optional integrated bin-lifter option for 240 - 1100 litre bins
Self-cleaning pendulum piston clears the hopper
No cleaning behind press-ram required
Drain plug option to drain off liquids
Text and email fill level notification


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