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Screw auger compactors can double your tonnages, halve transport costs and cut maintenance bills when compared to conventional compactors. By deforming the waste before pushing it into the container, without shredding it, a screw (auger) compactor will maximize the space and increase the density. Up to 100% higher tonnages but typically 60% higher are not uncommon.

The SV11, SV15, SV18 and SV22 screw compactors have the same configuration but with different motor sizes and motors. The tougher the material, the stronger the motor required: for example wooden pallets and crates would need SV22.


Screw compactors deform waste and increase payloads by as much as 60% to 100% over standard ram static compactors. They simplify loading of materials such as cardboard and reduce operator time required to bale and tie off cardboard bales.

Why Choose A
Screw Compactor?

Screw compactors
  • Higher tonnages: screw compactors are more efficient at filling a container as they deform the material. 60% higher tonnages are possible.
  • No cleaning out behind the press head:  conventional compactors with a flat press head allow material to slide around the edge and under the ram face into the space behind. This material has to be cleared out regularly or the compactor malfunctions and jams the cylinders.
  • Lower maintenance: there are no hydraulics in a screw compactor, so no oil and filter changes and no leaks.

SV Series
Screw Compactors

SV Series Motor Sizes

The SV Series of screw compactors has different motor sizes for varying levels of work. The 11kW motor should be adequate for dry recyclables such as small box cardboard and plastics.

Heavier duty materials such as bulky general waste or wood will require a stronger motor, in the case of wood, a 22kW motor is essential.

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