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  • Waste Compactors & Food Waste Disposal in Hospitals

    Hospitals are one of the largest producers of food waste in the UK. Bergmann Direct are a major supplier of food waste disposal solutions to the NHS in Scotland with the Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer.

    Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer

    In 2014, the Zero Waste Regulations in Scotland made the use of macerators and the disposal of food waste into the drains and sewage system illegal. All hospitals with the exception of those classed as rural need to have their food waste separated for collection. Many large Scottish hospitals have now adopted the Eco-Smart technology for drying their  read more...

    Portable Compactors

    Bergmann Direct supply roll-on-off and skiplift portable compactors for wet waste and roll-on-off compactors for general and dry mixed recyclables for hospitals. Read more...

    1100L Wheelie Bin Compactors

    Where space is at a premium, the 6:1 compaction rate of the Bergmann 1100E Wheelie Bin Compactor not only reduces the number of wheelie bins cuts disposal costs and collections by over 80%. Read more...


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