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Local Authorities

Bergmann Direct Ltd are a leading provider of quality waste management and recycling equipment to local authorities throughout the UK. Since we put the first Bergmann Mobile Roll Packer into Tyseley Waste (now Veolia ES Birmingham) in 1999 we have expanded and deepened the range of equipment. Bergmann Direct are currently the lead provider on the Scotland-Excel Framework Tender for waste equipment to all 32 Scottish councils and are a major supplier to Northern Ireland, English and Welsh councils who manage their own sites.

Bergmann Roll Packers

The Mobile, Traversing and Static Roll Packers are the equipment of choice for any site which has open containers. No other item of equipment can guarantee the high tonnages possible in open containers without container damage and without requiring operators requiring licences. Read more...

Static Compactors

Static and traversing compactors are still the norm on large numbers of public sites and Bergmann have a solid range of long and cross cylinder models with enclosed, interlocked hoppers, sliding doors. Our traversing compactors can work on rails or catenary systems. Read more...

Portable Compactors

Rural and small sites are often better suited to portable compactors with different compactors used for different waste streams: plastics, cardboard, light wood and general waste. The APB607  hooklift portable compactor is the preferred choice for these sites and can handle dry recyclables and general waste equally. Read more...

Semi and Fully Automatic Balers

We provide semi-automatic and fully automatic balers for dry recyclables, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and RDF with wrapping systems. Read more...

Materials Recovery Facilities

Increasingly local  authorities are bringing the sorting and baling of dry recyclables in-house to get the benefit of rebates by putting in small to medium-sized MRFs. Bergmann Direct have provided a number of installations which typically sort kerbside-collected materials (metal and plastics being typical, alongside cardboard and PET bottles) at a very reasonable cost. Read more...


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