The Bergmann Traversing Roll Packer from Bergmann Direct is the most cost-effective waste compactor for narrow household waste recycling centres, and any location with multiple open containers.

The Bergmann Traversing Roll Packer works on a rail behind multiple containers so you only need one roll packer for all your containers.


One Roll Packer
Multiple Containers

The Traversing Roll Packer is designed to compact bulky waste such as general, cardboard, plastics and light metals in several open containers in a row. It is mounted on tracks which bolt into existing concrete. The specially equipped compaction drum breaks up and tears the waste to make maximum use of all the space in the containers so you are not paying to transport air.

The compaction time can be varied with the simple turn of a screw. You can operate the traversing system from a remote control unit or from a cab. Containers from 30 to 50 cubic yards sit in a row: the roll packer moves from one container to another on a rail behind the containers.

With the option of an operator's cab on the Bergmann Traversing Roll Packer, there is a clear view into the container during the compaction cycle.


Traversing Roll Packer Key Benefits

4:1 waste compaction rate depending on waste type and how the Roll Packer is used (regular rolling as the waste accumulated generates much higher tonnages per container)
Immediate reduction in transport costs from delivery
Only one compactor needed for several container places
No civils are needed (so long as you have flat concrete) as the track is bolted to the concrete:meaning that it could be moved to another site later if required
Allows containers to be placed near a perimeter fence, saving space
Unlimited container bays and variable distance between bayspossible
Limit controls (variable settings) stop the roller from touching the side of the container avoiding container damage
Quiet operation
Operates in containers up to 50 cubic yards
Typical tonnages in containers: 10 tonnes

Highly Effective on the following materials

Hard plastics
Green metal
Light metal (white goods)

Hydraulic Locking System
Ensures perfect container alignment

The Bergmann Traversing Roll Packer has the option of a manual or hydraulic locking system which locks the roll packer in front of each container. The compaction arm and drum cannot descend into the container unless there is a container in front of the cab and the locking system is activated.


The hydraulic locking system is a mandatory accessory if you choose the operator's cabin.



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