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Ideal for pubs, clubs, larger restaurants and hotels, the BDL BB06 volume bottle crusher is a bottle crusher which can take several bottles at a time and up to 4000 bottles an hour.


Bergmann BDL BB06 Volume Bottle Crusher: capacity 680 bottles in 10 minutes, or over 4000 bottles per hour

Volume Bottle Crusher Benefits

Reduces weight and volume by 80% (5:1 compaction ratio)
Simple to use: just place the bin underneath, turn on and feed the bottles into the chute
Designed to stand at the back of the premises, inside or outside
Large feed aperture facing either to the front or the side
Robust steel build
Integral dust extraction unit
Feeds into a standard 120 litre or 140 litre wheelie bin which sits underneath
Single phase power (220V, 13A 3-pin socket)
Low noise - 72dB
Safe- both the feed and crusher chambers are fitted with anti-kickback flaps
Mobile: mounted on locking castors
Weight: 185kg
Dimensions: WxHxD: 1020mm x 1830mm x 830mm

Volume bottle crusher BDL BB06: Left: capacity over 4000 bottles per hour; Right: integral dust extraction system extracts glass dust as the bottles are crushed.

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