Bergmann are the leading manufacturer of hooklift (ro-ro) and skiplift portable waste compactors in Europe. The revolutionary 'throw-over blade' design eliminates the worst part of traditional compactor maintenance: the need to clean out the area behind the ram blade. By locating the cylinders in the side of the portable compactor, there's no need for the space behind the ram blade, so no cleaning hatch and cylinders never come into contact with the waste, reducing maintenance and increasing the lifespan.


Why Choose Bergmann
Over Others Makes?

In a traditional compactor which has a space behind the ram face, waste can build up and has to be cleared regularly, otherwise the cylinders jam up and the machine stops working. 

A Bergmann compactor has a different design. The charge box is curved with no space behind the ram face: so no nasty cleaning out to do (particularly with wet waste) and a machine that lasts longer. This low-maintenance benefit is one of the main reasons customers choose Bergmann compactors.


MPB918 - press action

Portable Waste Compactors Range

Bergmann MPB918  - Hooklift Compactor

This is the specialist roll-on-off portable compactor for wet and general waste, available in capacities from 14m³ to 22m³ for the UK market.


Bergmann MPB414 - Skiplift Compactor

The Bergmann skip portable for wet and general waste, available in capacities from 8m³ to 12m³.



Bergmann APB606 - Hooklift Compactor

The APB606 is a specialist portable compactor for dry recyclables and has a unique 'pendulum roof' which swings down when the compactor is discharged to ensure that recyclables, in particular cardboard do not stick in the container.


Bergmann APB1620 - Hooklift Compactor

The Bergmann APB1620 is the dry mixed recyclables (DMR) roll-on-off portable compactor. It has the largest loading aperture of any compactor available in the UK. Capacities from 14m³ to 20m³



MPB414 - Bergmann Skiplift Compactor for
MPB918 - Bergmann Hooklift Compactor for Wet and General Waste
APB606 - Bergmann Hooklift Compactor for Cardboard
APB1620 - Bergmann Hooklift Compactor for Recyclables and Dry General Waste
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