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Bergmann rotary balers and wheelie bin compactors give the highest compaction rates for general waste, non-recyclable cardboard, plastic and office waste, reducing typical 1100 litre wheelie bin collections by 80%.

Many have tried to copy this revolutionary design which gives exceptional compaction in a tiny footprint but Bergmann is still the original and the best .

Choose either the PS8100 or 1400E Rotary Bag Compactors which compact into a 1000 ltr or 1250 ltr bag or the 1100E Rotary Bin Compactor which compacts in a 660, 770 or 1100 ltr wheelie bin.

1400-E Rotary Baler

Bergmann Rotary Balers and
Wheelie Bin Compactors Range

PS8100 - Rotary Bag Compactor 

There is no other compactor with such a small footprint offering 10:1 compaction. Occupying space of less than 1.6m² with a total height of 2.8m, it can usually be positioned where the waste is generated, rather than taking waste outside to a general compactor.


Bergmann PS8100 Rotary Bag Compactor: compacts waste into a 1000 litre bag. A popular alternative to balers

Bergmann 1400E - Rotary Baler

The Bergmann 1400E rotary baler compacts in a 1400 ltr bag. The rotating drum grips, tears and compacts the waste to give unrivaled compaction rates of up to 10:1. A metal bag shield protects the bag.


Bergmann 1400-E Rotary Baler is a popular alternative to traditional vertical balers.

Bergmann 1100E - 1100 Litre Rotary Wheelie Bin Compactor 

The Bergmann 1100E compacts waste by a ratio of 6:1 in a standard 1100 litre wheelie bin. The 1100E can also compact in standard 660 and 770 litre bins. Any business with several wheelie bins being emptied several times a week will see savings with the 1100E.


Bergmann 1100-E Rotary 1100 litre bin compactor compacts waste in a 6:1 ratio. All standard 1100, 770 and 660 litre bins accepted.


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