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Innnovative Recycling Technology

Reduce Costs And Improve Operational Efficiency

All businesses produce waste in various forms and various amounts. Dealing with it is a key part of any operation and many organisations will choose waste compacting to help. This sees waste and recyclables compacted down by specialist machines like balers and compactors into a smaller, more manageable format.

If you do not currently use a waste compactor machine such as Bergmann static waste compactors on your site, you might not be aware of the many benefits they deliver. So what might these be?

1 Reduces Cost Of Waste Management

All businesses know that waste management can be costly if you do not have the right policies, machinery or tools in place. One of the major benefits a waste compactor is helping to reduce waste management costs.

But how does a waste compactor machine do this? Waste management costs are made up of two separate parts - transport (charged by how many times a contractor has to come on site to collect waste) and disposal (the charge the recycler makes to deal with your waste which may include landfill tax). By compacting waste down using balers and compactors, transport costs are cut as contractors do not need to collect waste from you as frequently.

It also reduces the number of times refuse vehicles need to be on your premises which cuts site disruption. In addition reduced collections also reduce your business's carbon footprint, a positive advantage, especially if you have or are acquiring ISO14001 environmental management accreditation.

2 Positively Reduces Your Visible Carbon Footprint

Using something like a Bergmann portable compactor can also give your image among your customers. The environmental benefits of a reduced carbon footprint and fewer refuse vehicles on site will show consumers you take environmental issues seriously – which could help you gain a competitive advantage in larger supply chains, aligning yourself with the same environmental and net zero goals of large multinational businesses. Compacting your waste also means your site will simply look cleaner and inviting. This should see clients more willing to visit you and the public having a more positive view of your brand.

3 Promotes A Nicer Working Environment

All business owners know how key it is to retain their best employees. By compacting waste using machinery, you reduce the risks of smells and vermin, and you can improve site tidiness and hygiene, a benefit to your staff and visitors alike. Whether it is eliminating trip hazards from loose waste or minimizing the risks from pests and vermin these will all improve the working conditions on your premisis.

4 Reduces Labour and Operational Efficiency

The best waste compactors are simple to operate and deal with waste quickly. This is great news for business owners because it increases staff and operating efficiency. Staff are able to focus on more important work - rather than spending all their time on managing waste. Many firms even have a compactor dedicated to general waste now plus a second compactor for recyclables.

Great Value Waste Compactors From Bergmann Direct

There are many good reasons why compactors and balers make a positive difference to the management of a business. The key is to find a machine which is easy to use, great value and has plenty of features. A Bergmann waste compactor is the ideal choice - why not look at our range today. We have specialist compactors for wet  and general waste and dry recyclables. We look forward to being able to improve your business efficiency.

Image Source: Unsplash