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Bergmann Direct Appointed to NHS SBS

Bergmann Direct have been appointed to the NHS Shared Business Services Sustainable Healthcare Recycling & Waste Management Framework Agreement starting from 23rd October 2023 and running until up to October 2027.

The Sustainable Healthcare Recycling & Waste Management agreement has been specially developed to provide a procurement solution offering sustainable waste management. It provides a quick, simple, and compliant procurement route to market for a sustainable waste management, centred around the principles in the waste hierarchy.

All public sector bodies in the UK, not just NHS Trusts can access the framework, simplifying their procurement in the knowledge that all the appointed suppliers have already passed financial and sustainability verification by the NHS. 

Get a copy of the framework flyer here which shows all the suppliers appointed and the lots.

Food Waste Dryers

A key innovation which is already in many NHS hospitals is the Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer which can be procured through the framework either on a direct award or via a min-competition from the NHS SBS framework Lot 7 (Aerobic Digesters - which includes the Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer).

The Environment Act 2021 will finally end the unsustainable and environmentally unfriendly practice of tipping food waste into a macerator bench unit where it is chopped up and flushed (using high volumes of water) into drain systems. That will affect most hospitals, hotels, restaurants, prisons, military barracks, universities, schools and many other catering establishments. The same goes for liquidising digesters which use enzymes and hot water (lots of it) to turn food waste into mush before discharging to sewers. Hospitals which are still using macerators and liquidizing digester will need to put in alternative sustainable technologies such as the Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer.

Compactors and Balers

Bergmann Direct were also appointed to Lot 7.3 Compactors, which includes static and portable compactors for general waste as well as balers for recyclables such as plastics and cardboard.

How to use the  NHS SBS Sustainable Waste Management framework to purchase waste equipment

If you work for a public sector organisation, you can use the NHS SBS framework to purchase food waste management equipment, compactors and balers. You can either arrange a direct order or arrange a mini-competition between other suppliers in that lot. All you have to do is contact NHS SBS and register your interest and they will guide you through the simple process. It will simplify and speed up your procurement.

For more information on the framework go to this link

Download the NHS SBS Sustainable Waste Management flyer here.

Contact numbers and email addresses are available here.