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Crown Estate | Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer

Crown Estate Dries Food Waste to Reduce Collection Volumes

Bergmann Direct have supplied two ES300 Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryers to the Crown Estate for use at St. James's Market for their food waste recycling. Food waste is collected at all the outlets in the market and taken to their underground transfer station in St James's for processing before being taken on to anaerobic digestion.

The ES300 Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer handles up to 200kg of preparation and post-consumer food waste per overnight cycle, reducing the final volume and weight by 80%, by extracting the water. Food waste is approximately 80% water. The resultant dry residue is collected by Bywaters under contract and taken to Bio-Collector's anaerobic digestion facility in Mitcham, Surrey.

By drying the food waste, the number of vehicle movements is significantly reduced. The dry residue is virtually odourless and because it has been sterilized it eliminates the dangers from vermin which are inherent with fresh food waste going off.

A nasty, smelly waste stream can be reduced substantially in volume and weight in a matter of a few hours and turned into a sterile, dry, clean, manageable granulated powder which can be composted, sent for anaerobic digestion or burned in waste-to-energy plants.

The Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer accepts all types of mixed food waste (except large knuckle bones) including fruit; vegetables, fruit and vegetable peels; eggs and eggshells; fish, fish heads and guts, meat, poultry, rice, pasta, bread, pastry, shell-fish including mussels, tea bags and tea, coffee grounds and coffee, milk, fruit juice, gravies, wine and beer.

The ES300 requires a 32A, 3-phase, 415V power socket within 2m and a standard floor or PVC sink drain within 2m.

The unit should be sited indoors or in a shelter to protect it from the elements.

Speak to us if you think your food waste or your premises are unusual.

For further information contact Bergmann Direct on 01522 718489