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History of the Bergmann Roll Packer

The Beginning The Roll Packer was one of the first developments of the newly formed company Heinz Bergmann. The company set out to bring new ideas and innovation to waste compaction equipment. In 1981 they designed the first Static Roll Packer


At the time, the idea of compacting waste in open skips and containers was completely new. The Static Roll Packer was a simple concept, a rotating drum at the end of an arm designed to roll and compact waste in one motion, in one container, increasing skip weights considerably.

Variations and upgrades soon followed to widen the scope of applications for the Roll Packer. At the time, most waste was mixed in one container. Increasingly, waste streams began to be separated out for recycling such as wood, general waste, light metals, plastic and garden waste. The higher tonnages in containers and skips brought huge transport savings for operators as diesel fuel prices increased.


The picture below shows the first prototype being tested.

Static Roll Packer 1981 (first)


The Development In 1986 the Jumbo Roll Packer was introduced, so-called as it could roll waste in 3.1m high containers. Today, it is still the only machine to be able to compact waste in these large roll-on-off skips. It was to become the basis of the Roll Packer that we know today. Spiked teeth were added to the drum to help tear and compact the waste. A central lubrication system to facilitate the servicing of the Roll Packer was also added to simplify the maintenance.


Static Roll Packer 1986


The Roll Packer was adopted into all sectors such as retail, distribution centres, local authority sites where bulky waste, in particular wood waste and pallets are common.


Bergmann Roll Packer Crushing Wood-1


In the late 90s the Traversing Roll Packer was designed enabling a single roll packer to compact in multiple containers in a row. The compacting arm moves along a rail behind the containers, with a cab for the operator as an option.




Then in 1999 the diesel-driven Mobile Roll Packer came into being allowing containers in any configuration to be compacted. The Mobile Roll Packer is now the main model in use with local authorities. These 3 variations solidified the Roll Packer as the leading machine in the market for compaction in open containers.


Bergmann Electric Mobile Roll Packer


The Present In 2021 Bergmann created the first Electric Static Roll Packer, removing all hydraulic elements except for a small hydraulic box to push the arm. It uses almost 70% less power than the original hydraulic model, important in these energy-conscious times. It also operates at a quieter dB level, ideal for sites close to residential or commercial areas.

In 2022 the Electric Mobile Roll Packer was released offering a full range of Electric Roll Packers going forward.

Electric Static and Mobile Roll Packer


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