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Food Waste Disposal Rules In England Are Changing - UPDATE

  • All Food Waste To Be Presented Separately For Collection -
  • Macerators and Liquidizing Digesters Banned -
  • All Food Organizations Affected -
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Attention all organizations producing food waste in England: new rules are coming in which will have profound effects for any commercial organization that currently puts food waste in general waste or a macerator, food waste disposal unit or liquidizing digester. These practices will become illegal. The original plan for the whole Environment Act 2021 to come fully into effect in 2023 has been delayed. Many of the provisions in the Act have already started. The elements which involve food waste will now happen before 31st March 2026, with substantial implications for any organization generating food waste. So what’s going to happen?

All Food Waste Must Be Presented Separately For Collection

If you don’t do it already, all commercial food waste will need to go into separate wheelie bins for collection as a distinct waste stream. It won’t be able to go into general waste or mixed with any other recyclables. 

Macerators and Liquidizing Digesters Banned

The unsustainable and environmentally unfriendly practice of tipping food waste into a macerator unit or food waste disposal unit where it is chopped up and flushed (using high volumes of water) into drain systems will finally end. That will affect most hospitals, hotels, restaurants, prisons, military barracks, universities, schools and many other catering establishments. The same goes for liquidizing digesters which use enzymes and hot water (lots of it) to turn food waste into mush before discharging to sewers.

So What To Do?

Don’t be caught out. Download our FREE GUIDE. It will give you useful information on what to do next such as:

  • What's allowed and what's not
  • Options to save money on disposal
  • 8-point Action Plan to be prepared

It will help you start planning now to put systems in place to make sure you comply and avoid hefty fines. 

For more information on the steps you can take to comply download your FREE GUIDE from here or contact us.