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NHS Greater Glasgow Opts For the Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer

Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS has opted for the Eco-Smart from Bergmann Direct across ten hospitals including Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Gartnavel General and Inverclyde Royal  hospitals. Eight dryers were installed in early Summer 2017 and another 19 have been installed since then. The equipment was chosen in preference to three alternative solutions.


Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS operates a ‘cook freeze’ meal system with two hospitals producing meals for all the others. Food waste was previously going either into general waste at ward level or being returned to the kitchen for disposal via a macerator and disposal unit which flushed food waste into the sewers: a methodology which is now banned in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. There are now 27 Eco-Smart units at 15 NHS Scotland hospitals.


The Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer removes the water from food waste reducing its volume by 80-95%, eliminating bacteria and smells. It dries all types of food waste, whether kitchen preparation waste, post-consumer waste or other types of mixed food production waste overnight.


A nasty, smelly waste stream can be reduced substantially in volume and weight in hours and turned into a sterile, dry powder which can be composted, sent for anaerobic digestion or burned in waste-to-energy plants.


Putting food waste down the drain is now illegal in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales with England to follow in 2024 with the passing of the Environment Act 2021. This is the sustainable solution to reducing food waste disposal costs.


Food waste in bins and compactors smells, especially in hot weather. Dried residue is sterile and practically odourless so can be stored safely for a while before disposal.

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