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Rotary Compactor Vs Vertical Baler: How Do I Choose?

Vertical balers have been the default machine for cardboard baling for years. But as cardboard compactors go, they can be cumbersome and time-consuming for operators. There is an alternative in the market that offers many benefits over traditional baling: the rotary compactor from Bergmann.

Labour And Operational Cost Reduction From Continuous Loading


Paying an employee to stand by a baler all day? Vertical balers require an operative to stand with the machine and load for long periods of time. Typical cycle times are between 40-50 seconds for the ram to go down and return, and it will take a minute or two to stack the next load. Once the bale is complete, wire ties need to be fed through the back of the machine and tied off.


The rotary compactor allows continuous loading through the drop-down chute. There’s no flat packing required and no even stacking to avoid wonky bales. And no hanging around, waiting for the baler to compact before you can load the next lot. With the rotary baler you just keep on loading while the rotary baler continuously compacts into the bag. It gives you all the convenience of a vertical baler, with much less of the downtime.

Changing bags is easier and quicker than tying off bales. Once the bag is full, simply pull the pallet containing the mill sized bag out from the machine with a pallet truck, tape the bag at the top and insert the next bag and pallet.


Same Weights


The ideal weight for a cardboard bale is 400kg+, classed as mill sized. The rotary baler will give you a fully compacted bag up to 550kg so you can get maximum tonnages and rebates for your cardboard. The rotary baler is trusted in over a thousand supermarkets and retail outlets and many other industries such as manufacturing and distribution in the UK & Europe in preference to vertical balers to save operator time and maximise efficiency. There’s also a version which compacts into 1100L wheelie bins.


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